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Workaround tips for features not available in SB4

SB4 Tips Presentation

SB4 Non Existing Features Workaround

Manually Verifying Local Listing Through EXPRESS UPDATE Online

Sometimes we Get calls from Local Listings customers that their Listings is not being verified and also about not getting a call from express update to verify their listings. This can be done online

Manually Verify Local Listings

How to Configure Webmail to Office 365

Email Setup for Office 365

How to Make Google Calendar Public

If the customer does not set their Google Calendar as Public it will show blank on the customer's clients end and also for them as well as soon as they log out of google.

Google Calendar Not Loading Fix

SB2 - YouTube Video Redirecting Customers to YouTube

YouTube Video Not Redirecting Customers

Upgrading and Downgrading Sb2 and SB3

Downgrade and Upgrade

How to Locate a Paypal Charge

Paypal Charge

SB3 DIFY How to Re-add transparent Background

To resolve this issue check to see if the customer still has an HTML code in their website footer. If not add the following code:


body {background-repeat: no-repeat; background-attachment: fixed;}

#footer {margin-top: 0px !important;}

.wrap{background: transparent !important;}

.webs-main {background: #fff;}

.webs-main {

background: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0);



This is a simplified version of the HTML code, the actual code may be different.

SB4 Website How to Make Background Images Scroll


.block-background, .block-background-color{




SB2 and SB3 Workaround: How to Switching customer to Annual Billing

Change Billing Type

SB3 How to Locate Website Combo I.D.

How to Locate Website Theme