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Local Listing Verification Through EXPRESS UPDATE online

At times we may receive customers whose business information added to our Local Listing tool is not displayed in the respective search engines after several month. The Link Below was provided by @Shakerah Thomas which allows us to aid in the verification process.

Step 1:

Ensure that customer has completed and submitted the local listing form

Access the link

Step 2 : Use the business name, address or phone number to search for the company

Step 3. Once the correct business has been located with the information that is on our #LL, please Claim it.

Step 4: Once Claimed, you will be on a page which shows the phone # that the customer has added to #LL and will be able to call the customer immediately, by selecting Call Now.

FYI- YOU CANNOT CHANGE THE NUMBER; therefore, it must be the number that was added to the #LL form

STEP 5: Once customer receives the call please prompt the customer to enter the verification code that appears on the screen

FYI. I cannot say when it will show on the dashboard that the company's information listed in the respective directories, nor when they will be able to find their information online.