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Upgrading and Downgrading Sb2 (New and Old Teir) and Sb3

1. From the dashboard select manage my account.

2. Select manage subscription

3. In the address bar change /vp/manager/customercare_ns/my-services/account-details.aspx? to /vp/manager/customercare_ns/customersite/dashboard/availableplans.aspx?

4. Leave the alt_site_id or alt_id as is.

5. After the alt_site_id or alt_id add “&package_id=”. Please note the SB3 package IDs ( 7 is Basic, 8 is Standard and 9 is Premium)

6. Please change the number at the end to match what you are downgrading or upgrading to.

The package IDs for SB2 are:

176 Basic

177 Standard

178 Premium

167 Starter

168 Standard(Old)

169 Professional

7. Press “Enter”

8. Once order is selected a confirmation message will be displayed.

Download Powerpoint