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Mailing List/Snail Mail Removal Requests Should be Logged in Case Manager, For more info please visit Carekb

Logo Maker now LIVE in UK & IE (2017-09-7)

Please visit Carekb for more info.


The customer can now upload their logo and then see their logo on a variety of Vistaprint products!

Please use the link below to test this service.

Date July 25,, 2017

Design Service Test: $5 Charge is Not Credited

The credit has been removed for all locales, so now customers will always pay $5 for:

  • Design Re-creation
  • Design Edits
  • Template Edits
  • Layout Services

If customer is dissatisfied with not being credited, please follow our SOAP process.

Printed Product Orders Being Cancelled

Due to changes in the Design Studio, when an order has default text boxes that are left blank when ordered, will possibly be cancelled and a refund will be issued, (customer will receive an email regarding cancellation).

As shown above, the business card created by the customer has 2 blank text boxes. If you receive a call regarding a cancellation of an order, check the layers section to see if any blank text boxes show. If you do see a blank text box delete it and the product will be able to be re-ordered.

Date: May 25, 2017

Fraud Page Revamped

The Fraud page on Carekb has been updated to provide more details. Please use the button the right to see the details.

Fraud Process

New Tax Exempt Process Issue:

There is an issue with the new Tax Exempt Process 

Reminder: This is new process is where once the customer provides their tax exempt documentations their accounts would be updated so that they would not be charge tax in State in which they are tax exempt. US tax exemption information

Date: May 19, 2017

Car Door Magnet Scam

If you receive a call from customers stating that he/she saw on Facebook or any other location that they can sign up to advertise for Vistaprint. Once they signed up they would receive a Car Door Magnet from Vistaprint and a monthly check of $500.00. Please advise customers that WE DO NOT have such an offer.

NPI (New BC sizes) Backside Printing Blank

Going forward, once a customer contacts us about Business Card Backside printing blank, we recommend that you consult with CSS to have the order reviewed before being replaced.

Introducing Venn By Vistaprint (beta)

Venn is a new community mini-site on that allows small business owners to connect, exchange, and grow

· Access to skilled help

· Get matched with small business owners, and get help from people who know what it’s like to be in your shoes.

· Get noticed

· Join now and be among the first to be found on Venn when people need help with what you do best.

· Impact your community

· Work with new businesses near you, expand your network, and help build your local business community.

Venn is in BETA but users are signing up now. When a customer signs up, they get the message We’ll keep in touch, and let you know when Venn launches.