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Webmail Setup for Office 365

Depreciated: Connected Accounts to Office 365 is no longer supported

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Step 1. Click on the settings icon.

Click on the images below to enlarge

Step 2. Then click on mail from the drop down

Step 3. Then click on Connected Accounts

Step 4. Click in the plus symbol to add the account

Step 5. Enter email address and password for the mailbox then click on ok.

Once you have done that it will import your emails to Office365 click on ok.

Step 6. click on the pencil icon, select display name, The email and username is entered by default. Enter your password.

Then for the server information the servers is:

change encryption to none and use 143 for port

Then click save.

Step 7. Verify the account by Logging into your webmail and clicking on the verification email but if you have not received it you can click the resend verification email link in Office 365

Step 8. The verification email will be sent to your webmail