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Unknown Vistaprint Charge - How to Locate Paypal Charge

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Digital Announcements

Recent Digital Issues Alert

EM2 - New unsupported "Integrations" tab added - DG-19787

Please note: Customers are not able to make edits their Local Listings until the listings has processed

DIFY Schedule/Reschedule Links:

Initial consultation: If the customer states that he/she did not schedule an appointment and wants to do so

Reschedule: If the customer scheduled an appointment, states that they no longer have the appointment confirmation email and wants to change the initial appointment date

Here is an example of the email the customer receives after they have scheduled their appointment in Vcita:

SB4 Updates:

The tabs in the links above are self-explanatory..

SB4 DIFYA Website Recreation

Website Re-creation Service is now available to our Canadian and NA

Learn More

Upcoming Features SB4

 1. SB4 primary path page "Design First" experience - matching template for SB4 PAID website to be launched at 10% exposure by the end of this week to the NA Market. For more more information see details below or by visiting

  • Soft launch in US at 10% exposure (5-10~ customers’ orders/day) on December 11th or 13th.
  • Then launching first to CA-EN at 100% on January 3rd
  • Increased exposure in US TBD

NB: Please keep in mind that customers will only see this website matching option if the template that they have selected for their printed product is available currently available as a match in the website builder, this will eliminate confusion and prevent customer from seeing a message saying that their is a matching template only not to see one once the website is ordered.

SB4 Domain Name Migration

The only domains that can be moved from Monolith to PAID are as follows –








This information is available at

With regards to “pointing” (actually DNS hosting) on PAID, unlike legacy builders, any valid TLD will work (e.g.,,, etc.) but internaldomains should never be set up as “pointed” domains due to the implications this has on the renewal process.

Setup in Progress (SB4 PAID, Local Listings)

If you’re seeing Setup in Progress for over 24 hours (We're Preparing Your Website for SB4, Unauthorized for Local Listings), please reach out to digitalfraud inquiries <[email protected]> or digitalfraudinquiries <[email protected]>

These emails are usually actioned within 24-48 hours. (Logging a Ticket in CPP is the preferred option for tracking purposes)

Digital Stream Report

Please use the link below to see the report on all digital tickets

Digital Stream Report PDF

All Tickets:

Available tabs:

  • Top Priority Open Issues
  • Tracked Issues In Flight
  • Recently Resolved Issues
  • Issue Counts Issue Count Graph

**Tracked issues in flight - are tickets that are actively being worked on, so they are likely to be resolved within the next 2 weeks. Delays can still happen and things can sometimes stay in that status longer, but it does have someone's attention.

Top Priorities PDF View

DIFY Subject Matter Experts (SME)

DIFY Subject Matter Expert (SME) Members

  • Lisian Robinson
  • Kaytanya Callum
  • Theresa Hemans

How do I log my DIFY SME request?

  • In logging your request in the CPP, we would like for you to do the following:
  • In the ‘Summary of the issue required for Email’ window, you are ask to document your note starting with the following hashtag - # DIFY Pilot#
  • Example: “#DIFY Pilot# customer called to check on status of her website”.
  • For the sending of emails, please use this template
  • The Summary of the Issue: # DIFY Pilot# or #DIFY Recreation#
  • Customer Account #:
  • Name of Customer:
  • Customer Email Address:
  • Customer Tel#
  • Details: Details of the customer’s inquiry.

Reach out to the SMEs for any and all information regarding a customer DIFY order (Do Not Call Affinity)

Learn More

SB4 - Tool to remove email from contact form blacklist - DG-15032

What’s happening

In Sitebuilder 4, when contact form notification emails bounce the receiving email address is blacklisted and will not receive any further forms. We now have a tool to check and remove emails from the blacklist.

What to do

1. Ask the customer to add [email protected] to their email contacts to help prevent emails from bouncing in the future

2. Go to the email blacklist tool at

3. Enter the email receiving form submissions and click Unblacklist Email

4. The tool will show {"wasBlacklisted":true} if the email was blacklisted and remove the blacklisting

Cancelling Domain names On PAID

Please exercise caution when cancelling a domain name for a customer on PAID through the CARE domains dashboard. Domain names cancelled after five days cannot be released (meaning we get no refund) and there is a limit to the number of domains we can release. While we do not monetize domains they have a very real cost.

This is not to say customers should be forbidden or told they can’t change their domain. Please use your discretion when handling these calls to determine if it appears that the customer is attempting to game the system.