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DIFY Subject Matter Experts (SME)

DIFY Subject Matter Expert (SME) Members

  • Kaytanya Callum
  • Theresa Hemans
  • Lisian Robinson

Objective: Improve communication between Customer and Affinity, use tools and resources to communicate DIFY order status with customer both internal and external thus positively impacting the customer overall experience.

SME Responsibilities


  • Reps will handle mainly Regular DIFY tickets (occasionally assist with re-create)
  • Will handle internal calls from reps and calls from Affinity
  • Use resources provided to communicate with customers
  • Facilitate customer Call Backs
  • Reach out to Affinity on customer’s order status
  • Answering all customer’s inquiries with accuracy in a professional, friendly and timely manner
  • Using appropriate tools and resources to communicate with customers, Affinity and Digital Agents.
  • Providing feedback to CARE Digital operations and DIFY issues
  • Advocate for DIFY customers
  • Liaising with support functions to identify their needs and ensuring customer satisfaction at all levels
  • Documenting solutions/workarounds for future reference
  • Receiving transfers both internal and external from Affinity and Digital CARE agents
  • Reaching out to Affinity to discuss customer Job status
  • Actively participating in focus/feedback session with other departments/stakeholders to improve the customer’s experience. Eg. Engineers, Product Managers, Affinity and Tier 2 Support.
  • Performing additional tasks as requested, including direct interactions with customers, product and engineering team.
  • Must be self-motivated and display initiative
  • Assisting with Phone Contacts based on need.

How were they selected?

They were selected as the top three (3) consistent performers within the past six (6) months.

We are commencing this pilot with these three agents, but will be increasing the numbers as the volume increases. You may wonder why three teams and not four, this is the reason nothing else.

There are other persons across all four teams that are shortlisted to join in the near future.

Expectations of SMEs

These specialists will be assisting with the pilot and continue to assist with taking calls. They will not be removed from the domain unless the volume is overwhelming, but a notification on such will be shared.

Based on your requests, we will ensure that the schedules are created to assist with the volume, along with medium to contact these agents.

We will work to have minimal impact to our phone contact coverage during this time.

What is expected of you? (Agents)

  • Screen and assist with all DIFY orders as usual, using the available tools at your disposal.
  • For DIFY escalations and for DIFY Recreation, these should be sent to our SME – Do Not Call Affinity under any circumstance.
  • The DIFY Recreation will be escalated by the SME to TUN

How do I reach my SME?

  • All queries should be escalated via the CPP tool. Link- http://mbywww01/PBM/
  • This is integrated into Zendesk, of which the SME agents will be able to view along with sending and receiving emails
  • For urgent queries, you may send an email by using this distribution: [email protected]

Please ensure all escalated queries to the mailbox are detailed in order to improve the turn-a-round time.

  • Once we are out of the holiday volume, then you will be provided with the option/queue to call any of these Specialist.

What do I say to a customer who would like to have a call from our Recreation team?

  • Suggested verbiage for escalation to TUN – phone agents
  • “I do understand and apologize for the inconvenience caused.
  • However, I can certainly help with having a scheduled callback done with one of our Website Designers to assist you…
  • Agent should now sends customer information to the SME at [email protected]

How do I log my request?

  • In logging your request in the CPP, we would like for you to do the following:
  • In the ‘Summary of the issue required for Email’ window, you are ask to document your note starting with the following hashtag - # DIFY Pilot#
  • Example: “#DIFY Pilot# customer called to check on status of her website”.
  • For the sending of emails, please use this template
  • The Summary of the Issue: # DIFY Pilot#
  • Customer Account #:
  • Name of Customer:
  • Customer Email Address:
  • Customer Tel#
  • Details: Details of the customer’s inquiry.