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Committee Members




Fire Marshal

Direct - Take charge and give directions and instructions during an emergency or evacuation to minimize as well as prevent injury and to a larger extent, loss of life.

Assist - Render assistance to team members who may be unfamiliar with the evacuation route/procedures

where assistance is required.

Be equipped – Ensure you take along critical items needed during an evacuation exercise:

o Checklist & Pen – to account for Team members

o Vest 

Andre Hunter,

Sasha-Gaye Johnson (Deputy)


Informing and providing updates on Human Resources policies and changes.

Reiterating Vistaprint's rules and regulations, benefits and tools.

Sherrice Watson,

Andrea Watkis

Knowledge Committee

Provide Digital Knowledge, Support & Updates whether via Hustlaz website, email, physically or through medium of Ambassadors.

David Dunkley, Lisian Robinson,

Andre Hunter

Engagement Committee

Develop and execute impactful recognition & reward programs.

Participate in vybes activities and answer vybes quizzes, initiate games and activities in an effort to entertain and engage team members. 

Plan and execute team trips.

Alicia Gordon,

Theresa Hemans,

Careece Anderson,

Nickeisha Vincent

Team Ambassador/Deputy

Attend meetings to voice our team's concerns or ideas.

Observe details of information provided by CSS, conveying the needed details effectively to our team; clarifying any details that require more attention.

Create detailed written reports which will give our team all the information needed so we can feel assured that we are 'represented' and updated adequately.

Take feedback from team members to ensure that all feel fully empowered by your presence at any meeting.

Send emails after any meetings to ensure that the message is delivered quickly and effectively and ensuring that updates are clear and concise. 

David Dunkley

Lisian Robinson (Deputy)


The QA team will initiate strategies and ways of improving the team performance as it relates to quality assurance (ASAT).

Consistently provide tips and coaching for team members.

Yanique Moodie,

Pettisha Beckford, Tracey-Ann Anderson


Send updated stats for KPI's and team performance.

Provide tips on how to improve team performance for KPI's, adherance and Aux usage .

Motivate and highlight outstanding team members.

Dahlia Pinnock,

Kadia Korahm